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Professional training in the performing arts from a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview.

about sight & sound conservatory

Sight & Sound Conservatory (SSC) is a two-year professional performing arts program. Whether in the secular or religious realm of performing arts, it is our intention that each graduate of SSC will be a proficient, productive, and powerful influence for Christ in the world.  


Our goal is to invest in the next generation of Christ-centered performing artists by mentoring them as both performers and disciples of Christ through:

Classroom instruction in Acting, Singing, Dancing, and other relevant courses.

Providing the opportunity to perform in Sight & Sound Theatres professional stage productions.

Cultivating a lifestyle of character, commitment, and competence.

the program



SSC is a very demanding and intensive experience. Students are in class and/or performing up to 10 hours a day, five and a half days a week. Each week, students train in acting, singing, and dancing. 


The two-year program consists of four semesters. The first semester is 15 weeks. Semesters two through four are 16-17 weeks in length.  


The core method of our training is an apprentice-based approach that enriches both the performer and the person through Skills, Experience, and Discipleship.  



SSC course work engages three main disciplines of performing arts: acting, singing, and dancing. Each day, students train in these disciplines and their related classes. Sample courses include Improvisation, Shakespeare, Voice and Speech, Movement and Stage Combat, Private Voice Lessons, and Sight Singing. SSC’s primary teaching methodology is hands-on learning; however, classroom-based techniques such as lecture and textbook reading are also used. 



If you’re seeking rigorous professional training in the performing arts from a Christ-centered, biblical worldview, Sight & Sound Conservatory could be the place for you!

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Christ-centered worldview

Sight & Sound Conservatory defines a Worldview as the “lens” through which a person sees and interprets the world. At SSC, our definition of a Christ-Centered Worldview is the belief that: 


  • God exists, and that He created everything that exists;
  • The Bible is the Word of God and the ultimate standard for truth;
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who died on a cross and rose from the dead to grant forgiveness of sins and eternal life to all who would believe in Him.


To fulfill the mission of SSC, each student must personally embrace this Christ-Centered Worldview.  


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Prospective students are required to request three letters of recommendation as part of their application. If you have been asked to provide a letter of recommendation, please use the link below.

video testimonial

Everyone has a story – join this Sight & Sound Conservatory alumna’s journey from classroom to crown.



For questions regarding admissions procedures, please contact the school at or 717-687-4220 ext. 4500.


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