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Since 1976, Sight & Sound Theatres has been delighting millions of guests with shows that "bring the Bible to Life." Click on any show below to learn more about our productions.


Currently Playing in Lancaster County, PA

The parting of the Red Sea ... the Burning Bush ... the Plagues ... the Ten Commandments ... finally ... the greatest Biblical epic of the Old Testament comes to life on the Sight & Sound stage in Lancaster County, PA - Moses! Journey back through time and relive the golden splendor and pride of ancient Egypt, the poverty and oppression of the Hebrew slaves and the humble, broken man that God raised up to become their deliverer. Not only will you be completely immersed in the spectacular, epic events of the story, but you will experience the humanity of Moses and the children of Israel as they struggle for faith, freedom and belonging. This incredible adventure is like none other for this is when God breaks into history and reveals who He is and that He has come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free!


Currently Playing in Branson, MO

The journey of Jonah, a faithful, righteous prophet of God, begins when he disobeys God and runs away from the Lord. His adventure takes him through a terrible storm, an encounter with an enormous fish, his new life in a wicked empire and the struggles he faces through what becomes the greatest revival in history. Jonah is a story of extremes we face as we trust in the Lord. Through it all, God reveals His extreme mercy and love not only for Jonah but His love for all.

With spectacular staging, immersive special effects, beautiful original music and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Sight & Sound brings the action front and center to each guest in our majestic Theatre in Branson, MO. See the show that guests call "awe-inspiring," "uplifting" and "amazing".

Behind the Scenes Tour

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A million watts of lights, sixty-thousand watts of sound and a massive stage over twenty-thousand square feet in size: Sight & Sound's theatres in Lancaster County, PA and Branson, MO, are live theatre productions on a breathtaking scale.

Now, take an exclusive opportunity to go backstage and see how the drama unfolds in our Behind the Scenes Tour. Discover the technology and ingenuity that powers the dramatic complexity of each show. Visit the nerve centers that keep the lights, sound, stage - and even animals - on cue. Get a rare glimpse of the state-of-the-art scene shop as our talented craftsmen create sets for upcoming shows, learn how Sight & Sound brings Bible stories to life and step on the stage for an actor's view at our incomparable theatres in Lancaster County, PA and Branson, MO.

Add on a Behind the Scenes Tour to your next visit to Sight & Sound Theatres and take your Sight & Sound experience beyond your theatre seat!

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Since 1976, Sight & Sound Theatres has been delighting millions of guests with shows that "bring the Bible to Life." Click on any show below to see highlights from a selection of our past productions.